This Breakaway

by The Pelotones

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This is the Pelotones first album of originals. It includes a mix of danceable swing, R and B, and Rock. Some of the tunes are pretty good too.


released October 11, 2014

Wayne Gottlieb: Guitar and vocals
Alex Specker: Guitar and vocals
Harry Aceto: Bass
Mike Welen: Drums
Eric Aceto: Violin
Recording engineer: Mike Welen
Mixing and Mastering: Jesse Gottlieb



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Pelotones Ithaca, New York

The Pelotones Feature Wayne Gottlieb (vocals) Alex Specker (guitar), Harry Aceto (bass) and Michael Welen (drums). Swing Jazz, Blues, R and B and originals. Here are our upcoming gigs:

Sun Feb. 28 Six Mile Creek 1-3
Thu March 10 6-8 Rongo.
Sun April 3 Maxies 6-10
Thr. April 28 Parkers in Seneca Falls 8-11
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Track Name: 3 days in paradise
Work done, week end go home call friend book flight that night for 3 days in paradise
Blue skies, white sand, bodies well tanned, mai tai in hand 3 days in paradise
At night dine in, hot tub climb in her kiss such bliss 3 days in paradise
Warm days, hot nights, long drives, see sights, last kiss will miss 3 days in paradise.
Track Name: Set For life
I've got a song to sing and a bright red guitar looks like I'm set for life
I've got a steady job and great big car looks like I'm set for life
you know my life wasn't always this sweet
used to spend my time fishing for pennies in a grate in the street
Just getting around town on my beat up old schwinn
girls would laugh a me saying boy you'll never win.
Now I'm living the dream with my very shapely wife
looks like I'm set for life
Track Name: Sleeping on your momma's floor
Well, you're sitting in school playing the fool, all the little girls they think you rule. 10 years later you aint so cool, sleeping on your momma's floor.
Now you're coming in late never hesitate. Science and math you just can't relate. Look at you now, you're filled with hate, sleeping on your mommas floor
Sleeping on your momma's floor, you don't go to school no more, didn't think you'd be this poor, on man my back is sore.
Cruising down the hall, having a ball, pushing little kids up against the wall, now you're 20 and 6 feet tall, sleeping on your momma's floor
Sleeping on your momma's floor, can't even lock the door, hey honey go buy some milk at the store, oh momma, what the hell for?
Now your friends have all left town you last saw Ashley in a wedding gown, ain't no point in playing the clown, sleeping on your momma's floor.
Track Name: Salmon Creek
This song needs no lyrics
Track Name: Neath the Midnight Sun
All my bags are unpacked it's my first polar cruise
we're leaving the port as I head for the booze
then I saw you there standing alone neath the midnight sun.

There are lectures tonight journal entries to write in your blue polar fleece it was love at first sight and you smiled as your eyes met mine neath the midnight sun

The bright green moss of the tundra, the glacial ice a powder blue
cannot compare to the sight I beheld when I first saw you

There are walrus to see birds to ID I recall with delight that you said you'd be free and you'd be there tonight on the bow neath the midnight sun

Now that polar fleece lies in a crumpled heap on the cabin floor so uncouth
But oh, how you respond to my touch you're the fountain of youth

There are icebergs out side, but I must confide try as I might I just can't leave your side as the ship sails along through the night neath the midnight sun.
Track Name: Last night I dreamed I fell asleep in your arms
Last night I dreamed I fell asleep in your arms, your smooth white skin pressed against mine your light brown hair spilling over my shoulder.

A sleepy smile on your lips as your sweet breath mingles with mine. Last night I dreamed, but it was just a dream I'm alone an empty shell for a heart

I try to sleep, but curse the miles that keep us apart. Seems it was yesterday that you were next me.

I feel the warmth of your skin as our fingers entwine last night I dreamed, but it was just a dream all alone.

I try to sleep, but curse the miles that keep us apart. Seems it was yesterday that you were next me.

I feel the warmth of your skin as our fingers entwine last night I dreamed, but this was not a dream you are here in my arms, so kiss me again. Say goodnight I close my eyes and fall asleep in your arms.
Track Name: This Breakaway
Did I ever tell you about the time I was in the tour de france?
A domestique on the 7-11 team, riding with the famous Greg Lamond,
I joined a bunch of yo-yos on a break away and I said..

Verse 1. Well you can call me a wheel sucking pig, I’ve nothing to hide
When a fast moving wheel goes by, I’m gonna grab a ride.

Verse 2. You all know the rules of the game, We support the team
I didn’t latch onto this rag tag group to satisfy some solo dream

Chorus: But, I’m here to stay, (in this breakaway )
Thanks for the pull (up the tourmalet).
Try to shake me loose try to ride away
But I’m here to stay (this breakaway)

Everytime my turn comes up, I have to turn you down
I just move left and drop on back, til my next time comes around.

Now I don’t speak italian or French, but I sure know what you mean
I’ve used hand signals just like those since before I was a teen.


You want to file a formal complaint, go back to the peloton
Ask for the guy who pays my wage, cause that’s the team I’m on.

I’m not here to consider the thought of my first stage win
500 meters from the finish line, they’re gonna reel us in